Ebanisteria Musicale is a small workshop near Modena born as a rib and continuation of the family artisan workshop: it was a stereophony laboratory with my father and before him it belonged to my great-grandfather, a woodworker.

Our workshop was founded on the desire to keep alive an ancient but very intense way to make things, working and doing everything by hand as my great-grandfather did on the same ground where we work today with the care, the attention and involvement that only the human passion can feed, the only thing able to transfer a portion of its spirit in the realized object, giving it a real soul.

In our workshopwe make traditional, ritual, folk and historical inspired musical instruments. The music, sacred or profane, it is spiritual by definition and an instrument with ancient origins, full of secular energies, rebuild, electrified, brought back in condition to express its potential even today, among the high performance instruments of the industrial production, it can go back to dig the ancient forgotten channels of our perception.

We also realize accessories for instruments, for musicians or music lovers, tryng to meet every need or desire: wooden picks, supports and stands, cases but also preamps, effects and we do electrification service for handcrafted, ethnic, historical or uncommon instruments.

The good that an object can bring to our lives, however limited its role can be, it is not always connected only to its function: the conservation of the secular, millenary heritage of the human civilization through its more significant expressions is the most efficient evocative means to turn on or light again our passions, thoughts, impulses. We realize on panels, cases and wood objects historical, folk decorations, symbologies, locutions, mementi; and because the strenght of a symbol is the power we allow it to have on us, we are glad to realize on objects, panels, plates, cases and other supports, with our ability and possibility, the images or the words that have a personal meaning to you.

We also make wearable objects, wooden pendants, with the same wood, the same methods and the same care with which we make musical instruments. To a pendant we entrust the task to transmit something of ourselves to others and at the same time to power in ourselves a feeling, a sense of protection, an encouragement, a will or a memory, tightening the link with our roots, the real foundations of our existence.

Written words, images, and the objects themselves are not always able to replace the physical presence: because of this, you will find us available and always happy to receive you in our laboratory where we can meet, exchange ideas or just talk to know each other.